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Bob Carr for Congressman History of Bob Carr his personal views, plans, and goals for our 37th Senate District

"It's not just about which political party, it's all about serving our communities." Bob Carr

The 37th District is the Senate District that serves both Northern Michigan and the UP.


Bob Carr worked in Washington, D. C. in the early seventies. He served at the Office of Economic Opportunity before going up to Capitol Hill to work as Special Projects Director for a Congressman. Many of you know Bob as he has lived on Mackinac Island, in Petoskey, and Traverse City, and has done many historic preservation projects in communities throughout the Senate District. In 1996, Bob Carr astounded the political experts by winning the primary for the First Congressional District by almost 60% of the vote. The voters overwhelmingly supported Bob's message. Bob's five thousand dollars trumped one million dollars spent by the other candidate. Meeting people in personal ways was Bob's winning strategy. With your help, this is how Bob will become your Senator!


"At a meeting in early September the staff decided to appoint Bob Carr, a recent graduate of Loma Linda University with a Social Science major and a long-time veteran of ACT and similar community action programs, as coordinator of the 'live-in' program. He used his last money to pay off some project bills and began to put in exhausting eighteen-hour days counseling, finding jobs for the youth, cooking meals at times, and doing whatever needed to be done to help eighteen assorted runaways, drug users, and hippies find a way out of their problems." -Pacific Union Recorder, September 3, 1970.

Having managed programs from nothing more than just an idea into programs which are still operating today, Bob Carr has first hand knowledge that opportunity plus action equal success--a good example is Bob's co-founding of the Benton Harbor, Michigan Soup Kitchen.

By starting programs from scratch, Bob Carr knows how to manage the energies of business, volunteers, community leaders, and community residents into fiscally responsible programs.


Bob Carr says that his job is to be the Senate District's salesman. Since Bob was young, he had to work to pay his way--on farms, driving trucks, picking fruit, working in factories, building structures, pumping gas and more.

Bob Carr is a community and business matchmaker. As Senator he will invite businesses from other areas to come settle in our District, or if a business wants to expand, to put their expansions in the towns of the 37th Senate District. It is a common sense and win-win endeavor. Our District has superior agriculture, beautiful scenery, recreation of many kinds, moderate yet four-season climate, cultural appreciation, and workers who are skilled. Bob will also invite local businesses to hire "just one or two" more people, so we will spread the opportunities and have full employment. Bob knows it will work because he has done this in other communities. If he becomes known as the "Cupid Senator" he won't mind because that will mean we were successful.

As Senator, Bob will open the Senate Chamber's doors of knowledge and bring other Districts' good ideas back home, sharing them with people and plugging them into our communities. Again, Bob sees his job to be one of asking and inviting, "Bring your new business, your business expansion, or add just one new job." It is the approach that works.

Cupid Senator, district salesman, and reachable Senator, Bob Carr will be full "Hands ON"! In addition to having regular offices, as Senator, he will out-fit an RV as a complete office on wheels with all the modern tools available. The mobile office will be in many parts of the District. If someone cannot travel at all, the staff will come right to them--a "Doctor's House Call" of a sort.


In studying new high tech businesses and where they located a common denominator is that quality of life does matter. These companies seek a workforce of people who love recreation. In our Senate District we love nature, biking, hunting of all types, boating, skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating and school sports including serious hockey. Our workers are vibrant and active, just what the 'new business doctor' has ordered.


In 1974, the Mackinac Island Chamber of Commerce called Bob Carr, who was working in Washington, D. C., and asked him to come to Mackinac Island as the Director of the Chamber of Commerce. He helped spearhead the restoration of the ice-damaged Round Island Lighthouse. Bob had visited Mackinac Island a year earlier and had seen the lighthouse in grave danger of falling into the Great Lakes. He came up with fourteen ways to save the lighthouse, gave the suggestions to the Town Crier, and went back to Washington, D. C. The restoration effort was successful. If you were to rent the movie, "Somewhere In Time" you will see the Lighthouse as it was spectacularly restored. Bob is in the movie too. See if you can find him with his straw hat and money apron. The efforts of Bob and others of the community to restore the lighthouse off Mackinac Island's shore provide an example of the creative use of local resources to enhance a community. In every town of our 37th Senate District there are many unique resources that can make that community more diverse, attractive, and economically improved. Bob has done this on various projects around the country, and he will do it throughout all eight counties.

"Bob Carr strayed from a Pledge of Allegiance by offering the audience a reason to say it. 'A few years back some people said it was impossible to save the lighthouse and others just said, 'Who Cares?' he said. 'But this shows what people can do here working with their government'." -Town Crier, July 8, 1978. (Bob Carr and other volunteers were receiving awards).


For his last two years in co-ed boarding high school, Bob Carr learned about landfills by operating the business end of a garbage truck. His interest in recycling, conservation, reuse, and treatment got an early start.

During the oil embargo of the early seventies (a time of even and odd license plate days for filling up at a gas station) Bob took on a challenge of being an ombudsman in charge of allocating heating fuel to seniors so they would not run out.

Now, years later, our nation's race to a better environment and new green energy is accelerating. Our institutions of higher learning, and students are emphasizing new career paths with specialties in environmental science and green energy engineering. In our Senate District we have fine institutions with high quality programs. Our future is in good hands, and we will put our next leaders to good use.


Working in it, caring for it.

Bob Carr for Congressman

When we are sick, we want better healthcare. Bob graduated from a University known for its healthcare specialties. He has been impressed by the service of his medical school friends as they practice in their chosen communities. It is Bob's desire to work toward better healthcare. He believes that serving in the Senate, will give him unique access to what other districts are doing to be on the cutting edge of better healthcare and affordable healthcare. It is a health issue--it is an economic issue.

Children's Services

Whether children live with birth parents, foster parents or adopted parents, children's needs must come first.

At the age of 9 months Bob was given to Child and Family Services, and over the next 14 years he lived in over 20 foster homes. Bob Carr has a deep conviction regarding the rights of children. Whenever a decision regarding a child's placement is made, the decision must be made on the basis of what is best for the child.

Seniors and Veterans

Mom Carr lived to be almost 100. Karen's mom, Rosa, lived to be 96. Uncle Chuck Carr is a WWII Veteran who is heading toward 90. People are living a long time. During the last two years of Rosa's life Karen and Bob set aside what they were doing to take care of her. Mom had a good quality of life. She had taken care of so many others in the years before. Mom Carr served 58 foster children. Uncle Chuck was sent overseas in service to our country. Long service--long life--quality of life. Health care keeps improving. Let us work to always provide good care, that means continuing health education, disease prevention and healthy lifestyles into a longer and better quality of life.


"We encourage people to preserve History."--Bob Carr, Traverse City Record-Eagle
October 10, 1993

Preservation of historic architecture and treasures of history has been a real challenge for Bob Carr. It is Bob's creativity that has been helpful in saving these treasures. Bob says, "My feet have been in the fire, and out of the fire has come a better understanding of how to win the preservation campaigns." Community Development and Historic Preservation are campaigns. To their credit, our communities possess a sensitivity in preserving historic treasures. Across the country, this is not always so. We understand the importance of historical preservation for its cultural and economic values. Bob believes that the different projects and challenges that he was involved in helped prepare him to be an effective Senator.


Bob Carr graduated with a B.A. in Communication and a second B.A. in Political Science. While he was working in Washington, D.C. he began postgraduate courses in Inner-City Development until he received a call to be the Director of the Mackinac Island Chamber of Commerce. He has been doing community development ever since.

Bob Carr's fifth grade teacher, Miss Ross, encouraged Bob to collect pennies for the preservation of the frigate, U. S. S. Constitution, also known as the great ship, "Old Ironsides". Miss Ross helped set Bob's career compass at an early age.

Bob has served on a school board and Karen is a teacher, specializing in Reading and in Art. They share a strong passion for education. As Senator, supporting strong Education, he and Karen will go into the schools to be of service. Since bob and Karen are both Art people, the Arts are very important to them.


For many years, Bob Carr has photographed history to promote the worth of historic preservation. His company, Camera Signature provides photographic bookmarks, framed pictures, magazine covers, and museum items. His one-person show at the Experimental Aircraft Museum (EAA home of the largest airplane gathering in the world) is said to have been seen by over one million people. As Senator, Bob will be promoting the 37th Senate District.

Several gubernatorial candidates have been lamenting the loss of the railroad infrastructure in Northern Michigan and the UP. Bob Carr says, "Where were they in the eighties when I needed them?" Bob has worked in all facets of historic railroading for the past twenty-five years with his company, "Vintage Train Carr's". He has preserved steam locomotives and old coaches, operated scenic trains, and moved rail equipment by rail and over roads. He is not a railfan, but he does preserve all kinds of historic items. Bob knows that kids love trains. Recently, Bob made possible the donation and the moving of the 1898 sleeping coach, the "Sault Sainte Marie", namesake for our State's oldest community which is located in our Senate District. Complete with gold inlaid, mahogany walls, stained glass windows, and claw feet seating, this coach is a "Castle of all Castles" on wheels.

Most of our rails are gone. Where are the recreational trails as promised? Bob, as Senator, will work to get them built. As to this lost rail infrastructure, it is time to find businesses that use our modern airports. Our recent improvements to our major airports are outstanding. We have many reasons to trumpet our business edge. (Bob played trumpet in the school band.) Let's trumpet the opportunities our District now has to offer businesses. Great days are coming, we are on track, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and something new around every bend.


Bob is an instrument-rated and multi-engine pilot. Flying is another way Bob can reach people in the district when time is of importance. As a pilot Bob has learned the absolute necessity of paying attention to details. Insistence on details will serve Bob Carr well as he works through the many issues he will be presented when he is your Senator.

"It's not just about which political party, it's all about serving our communities." I understand this and believe this. If you also believe it is about the right person serving you and your community as your senator, I would ask you to vote for me on November 2nd. I would be very grateful. -Bob Carr

Bob Carr for Congressman

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